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Game Changer: Film and Teaching pack


Game Changer

About this resource

Game Changer: A short film for teenagers with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) which explores relationships and sexual health.


Laced with humour, the drama explores the important issues around relationships in an engaging and informative way. The film follows Juliet and Geoff as they begin to form a special relationship. We see them negotiate obstacles to their happiness at home, in the sensory garden at after-school club, and online in their favourite video game ‘Earth Guardians’.

The video has been designed to enable discussions in the classroom on a wide range of topics including: online safety, appropriate behaviour and touching, masturbation, independence, relationships and love, and sex and the law. The drama also underlines how important it is to seek advice from trusted friends, family members and professionals.

Game Changer was commissioned by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. It was created by Catcher Media in creative consultation with young people and staff from Pool Hayes Academy and Elmwood School in Walsall and local health professionals. Funded by Walsall Council Public Health.

Game Changer is a Catcher Media Presentation for Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.



Health professional Elaine Hyde

  • I like to agree some ground rules with young people at the beginning of the session and display them in the room. I always say I will not be discussing my personal life and I will not be asking anyone to share their own personal information in the session. This often puts young people at their ease and should prevent any awkward or personal questions directed at the deliverer.
  • While the subject is sensitive the film is dramatic as well as informative, and this usually puts pupils at their ease.
  • I also like to agree with the students that we will not make any personal comments about our peers or family e.g. Charlie sends photos to..... . If a student does start to discuss a person you can quickly remind them about the ground rules.

Key Stage 3 & 4


Online safety
Appropriate behaviour and touching
Relationships and love
Seeking advice from trusted adults
Sex and the law





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25 minutes