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EasySRE Toolkit

About this resource

This Toolkit has been developed to support:

  • The film and teaching resources available on this website.
  • The delivery of relationships and sexual health education with Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 pupils from Walsall.

It provides workers with:

  • An understanding of how the resource was developed
  • Guidance on the use of the pack
  • Baseline information on sexual health and local sexual health services
  • Support materials to enable delivery of the lessons
  • Suggestions of how the workers may support parents in this area of work
  • Useful contacts and organisations.

Login to your account and download each PDF document from 'Resources' in the right-hand panel. All materials contained in this toolkit can be reproduced with permission by Walsall-based subscribers to the website.

Brook was commissioned to develop the Toolkit through joint funding from Walsall Teenage Pregnancy Team and Walsall’s School Nursing Service. It is requested that Brook is referenced appropriately in all reproductions.

How to use the SRE Toolkit?
This Toolkit has been split into SIX sections:

1.    Introduction This section sets the context for work in this area and the underlining principles.

2.    The ‘Knowledge’ This Section has been developed to provide workers with a baseline level of information around sexual health and relationships. It covers the following:

  • Key Messages
  • Contraception
  • Exploitation and Violence in Teenage Relationships
  • Sex and the Law
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) including HIV / AIDS
  • Sexuality
  • Signposting

3.   Micro Sessions This section provides workers with:

  • Information on how to use the Micro Sesssions
  • Notes for each session
  • Links to EasySRE and Brook resources
  • Photocopiable materials including relevant handouts

The Micro Sessions have been designed to support workers to develop tailor-made lesson plans with a focus on learning outcomes. It is intended that workers can use a “mix and match” of Micro Sessions to meet pupil need.

Topics covered: Puberty, Values and Attitudes, Sex and the Law, Language, Healthy Relationships, Domestic Violence, Contraception, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs),  HIV/AIDS, Sexuality, Discrimination, Alcohol and Risky Behaviour, Body Image, Positive Choices, “Sexting”.

4.    Working with Parents Schools have an important role in supporting parents and carers in their responsibility for Sex and Relationships Education. This section offers some suggestions on how this can be done.

5.    Useful Contacts This Section contains useful contact information for national sexual health agencies.

6.   Evaluation of the SRE Toolkit The authors would welcome comments regarding content, format and style of the SRE Toolkit. Download here


Attitudes and the Law
Contraception and Condoms
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)
Risky Behaviour