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Get It On: Film and Teaching pack


Get It On

About this resource


The drama takes place over the course of one night during a house party. The various character’s actions and discussions touch on a wide range of topics relating to KS5 Sex and Relationship Education within the context of PSHEe (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education. The film is intended to be entertaining but also to help young people think about and discuss the issues within it.

"Age and context appropriate, yet still has added flair and imagination" project participant, aged 18

"I think I will be a lot more open and honest in future and not feel under pressure" project participant, aged 17


As it’s the last day of term, Mark suggests everyone come back to his dad’s flat for a party. Knowing they really like each other, Ben and Chloe’s friends shove them into the bedroom where they are expected to have sex, but Ben and Chloe have to decide what their next move should be. Should they just have sex or get to know one another better?

Meanwhile in the front room there are discussions about relationships, aspirations, sexting, homosexuality and pornography. Kylie, a teenage mother visits and she tells the baby’s father, Connor some stark truthes. Steve intervenes when Maddy meets Kevin, her internet date down at his car. Not only is Kevin older than he said online but he is expecting much more from her than she is happy with.

At the end of the evening the party hits full swing. In the morning Ben gets Chloe a cup of tea, but not before she thanks him for his understanding. Ben agrees when Gavin says he’s a “lucky git.”


Delivered by a family planning nurse Samantha Allen, these are informative guides to the following topics:

Methods of contraception
Sex and the law
Sexually transmitted infections - STIs


Health professional Elaine Hyde

  • I like to agree some ground rules with young people at the beginning of the session and display them in the room. I always say I will not be discussing my personal life and I will not be asking anyone to share their own personal information in the session. This often puts young people at their ease and should prevent any awkward or personal questions directed at the deliverer.
  • If you don’t feel you have up-to-date information about contraceptive methods there are some straightforward demonstrations in the video fact files that you can show directly to pupils or use them to remind yourself before a lesson.
  • While the subject is sensitive the DVD is humorous as well as informative, and this usually puts pupils at their ease.
  • I also like to agree with the students that we will not make any personal comments about our peers or family e.g. Louise has already had sex. If a student does start to discuss a person you can quickly remind them about the ground rules.

Post 16 - Key Stage 5 and beyond


Confidence and feeling safe in a sexual relationship
Peer pressure
Sexual health/contraception/STIs
Teen parenting and benefits culture
Alcohol and drug use
Same sex relationships
Internet safety/grooming
Understanding risks associated with certain behaviour e.g. sexting




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22 minutes