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Is This What You Want?: Film and Teaching pack


Is This What You Want?

About this resource

Is This What You Want?

Sparked by statistics showing pregnant teenage girls or those with babies are more likely to be targeted for domestic abuse, ‘Is This What You Want?’ is a young-person friendly resource that uses drama and interviews to explore issues around domestic abuse, and what makes a healthy or unhealthy relationship. Recommended for KS4, KS5 and youth groups.

is this what you want


The drama shows Danny and Zoe's struggle to maintain a healthy relationship. With the pressures of having a baby in their teens and adapting to life as a family, their situation slowly descends into a cycle of domestic abuse until Zoe realises she needs it to stop, both to save herself and her baby. After getting professional help she leaves and Danny gets a chance to reassess and replay his own choices and behaviour after asking himself, "Is this what you want?"

The film confronts the viewer with a fundamental question: will domestic abuse ever get you what you really want?

Additional films

The information film considers the statistics for domestic abuse involving young people, issues of control in abusive relationships, and where to get help. And the behind the scenes film allows the young people involved in the project to share their thoughts about the issues, and is informed by key health and youth work professionals.

Other languages

These films are available with Hungarian,Polish,Slovakian and English subtitles. Available on the DVD format only.

Before you use this resource please read the Guidance.

Top Tips

Carol Williams

  • Help pupils and young people to set ground rules to in order to minimise embarrassment, inappropriate and unintended disclosures.
  • You don’t have to be an expert to use this resource with young people but you should familiarise yourself with the content.
  • Reinforce the ground rules as is necessary.
  • You could provide an anonymous question box if young people are too embarrassed to ask questions. This can give you breathing space if you are worried about answering questions as you can take them away to consider how best to answer them.
  • Consider the limits of confidentiality and child protection inside and outside the classroom/youth setting.  Refer to your child protection procedures.
  • Consider who young people will be referred to if they ask for personal help following a lesson.

A Catcher Media presentation for a partnership project between NHS Walsall Teenage Pregnancy Team, Integrated Young People’s Support Services Walsall Council and Walsall Domestic Violence Forum. Managed by Walsall Council Creative Development Team. Funded by Integrated Young People’s Support Services Youth Opportunity Fund and NHS Walsall Teenage Pregnancy Team.

External Resource

Expect Respect Tool-kit from Womens Aid

Evaluation Form

Please print off and ask your group members to fill in the questionnaire. It is really helpful for us to evidence the impact and the difference the film is making to young people.

Secondary, Key Stage 4       Key Stage 5


Domestic abuse
Issues of control over friends, family, social media and mobile phones.
Mental and physical abuse
Derogatory language
Sexual pressure.
Teenage parents




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Drama 12 mins About Domestic Abuse 3 mins Behind The Scenes 9 mins