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Sexpert?: Film and Teaching pack



About this resource


These films consist of a drama, frank in-depth interviews with young people, and fact files which are demonstrations to camera and on-screen text (concerning contraception, STIs, and sex and the law). These are all designed to complement one another in the teaching of SRE to KS3 and KS4 students.



The drama is set over the course of a single day at school, as we follow the ups and downs of a relationship between two young people, Jack and Ellie. Thinking she may be pregnant, both Ellie and Jack face a dilemma that tests their relationship to its breaking point and leads them to an urgent visit to a Sexual Health Centre.

Interview Subjects Areas

Boys and girls
What makes a good relationship?
What puts a strain on a relationship?
Relationship tips
Relationships with older boys
Starting and finishing relationships
Future wishes
Teenage pregnancy

Before you use this resource please read the Guidance.

Fact Files

Delivered by a family planning nurse Samantha Allen, these are informative guides to the following topics:

Methods of contraception
Sex and the law
Sexually transmitted infections - STIs

Top Tips

Health professional Elaine Hyde

  • I like to agree some ground rules with young people at the beginning of the session and display them in the room. I always say I will not be discussing my personal life and I will not be asking anyone to share their own personal information in the session. This often puts young people at their ease and should prevent any awkward or personal questions directed at the deliverer.
  • If you don’t feel you have up-to-date information about contraceptive methods there are some straightforward demonstrations in the video fact files that you can show directly to pupils or use them to remind yourself before a lesson.
  • While the subject is sensitive the DVD is humorous as well as informative, and this usually puts pupils at their ease.
  • I also like to agree with the students that we will not make any personal comments about our peers or family e.g. Louise has already had sex. If a student does start to discuss a person you can quickly remind them about the ground rules.



SEXPERT? is a Catcher Media presentation for Walsall teaching Primary Care Trust - Teenage Pregnancy Team in Partnership with Walsall School Health Service, Walsall Healthy Schools Scheme, Education Walsall and Walsall Council Creative Development Team.

Secondary, Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4


Alcohol and sex
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Teenage Pregnancy




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Drama 23 mins Interviews 25 mins Fact Files 13 mins