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Snagged: Film and Teaching pack



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Snagged: Raising awareness about online grooming


Snagged is a short film designed to raise awareness among young people, teachers and parents about online grooming. Set in Walsall, it shows how online grooming, via apps and smartphones, can be used to draw young people into drug running (County Lines), child sexual exploitation (CSE) and radicalisation.

In addition to this, the film shows the importance for a young person to gain help from friends, family and professionals. The drama concludes with friendly upbeat tips about online safety, spoken to camera by local young people.


Snagged was commissioned by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust. Created by Catcher Media working with youngpeople from Walsall Academy and Street Teams. Funded by Walsall Council Public Health.

Talk the Talk is a good accompanying resource to help parents set boundaries and to talk to their young people about keeping safe.


Health professional Elaine Hyde

  • I like to agree some ground rules with young people at the beginning of the session and display them in the room. I always say I will not be discussing my personal life and I will not be asking anyone to share their own personal information in the session. This often puts young people at their ease and should prevent any awkward or personal questions directed at the deliverer.
  • While the subject is sensitive the film is dramatic as well as informative, and this usually puts pupils at their ease.
  • I also like to agree with the students that we will not make any personal comments about our peers or family e.g. Charlie sends photos to..... . If a student does start to discuss a person you can quickly remind them about the ground rules.

Key Stage 3, 4 & 5


Online Grooming
County Lines (Drug mules)
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
Radicalisation and Extremism
Internet safety
Understanding risks associated with certain behaviour e.g. sexting





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22 minutes