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Help I'm Hairy

About this resource

Help I'm Hairy - New Version


Help I’m Hairy uses narration, helpful advice from Yr 6-11 students, fact files, information from a health advisor, animation and short comic sketches to help young people understand what happens physically and emotionally during puberty. This new version (updated in 2016) also contains an extra section devoted to the Transition to secondary school.
Help I'm Hairy has been a highly successful resource, and has been featured on the Times Educational Supplement website. This new version has completely new interviews and footage. Highly popular in Walsall schools, teachers across the UK have found it a great resource in teaching SRE. We hope it will continue to inform and help young people.


The film begins with a curious young pupil noticing things are becoming strange around school and at home. Emotions seem to run high and everything is changing. Could it be hormones? Two students and a school health advisor, pick up the thread taking us on a journey to uncover the myths and reveal facts about puberty, and how to survive it.

The film ends with a standalone section on Transition to secondary school as a new student starts at 'big' school. This section includes interviews with students too.

NB: The film comes in two versions – the longer version contains an extra section lasting one minute, entitled ‘Private Parts’ which deals with erections and wet dreams.

Many schools are choosing to also use this resource with Year 7 pupils and to this end we have incorporated resources developed by Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy.

Before you use this resource please read the Guidance.

Top Tips

Elaine Hyde

  • I like to agree some ground rules with young people at the beginning of the session and display them in the room. I always say I will not be discussing my personal life and I will not be asking anyone to share their own personal information in the session. This often puts young people at their ease and should prevent any awkward or personal questions directed at the deliverer.
  • It’s very useful to divide the film into chapters so you can omit a section if it doesn’t sit well in your schools SRE policy.
  • This resource provides lesson plans and resources you can photocopy, with clear guidance on how to use the films in a programme of work. All the hard work has been done for you.
  • I like to agree that we will not reveal any personal information about ourselves or other pupils e.g. Megan has already started her periods. If a student does start to discuss a person you can quickly remind them about the ground rules.


Tina Lloyd
My role within the EBD school is ever-evolving and I am currently responsible for Year 7, teaching them most of the curriculum. I also lead PSHE across the whole secondary school as well as Healthy Schools and Anti Bullying.
I have used ‘Help I’m Hairy’ as a base for ‘Puberty’ for the last 3 years. I found it very difficult to find an appropriate resource that was not too detailed and was also aimed at young people (as opposed to young children). ‘Help I’m Hairy’ did exactly that.

  • Familiarise yourself with this resource before viewing with your students
  • Laugh with the students in appropriate places and pause, repeat, skip the film wherever necessary.
  • Always be prepared. You may be asked questions you are not comfortable answering so prepare some ideas beforehand. Alternatively, students may not wish to discuss anything during the first session so ensure they understand that they will have opportunities to ask questions at appropriate times in the future.

Help I’m Hairy is a Catcher Media presentation. The project was funded by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust via the Teenage Pregnancy Team and managed by Walsall Council Creative Development Team.

Primary Key Stage 2


Body hair
Body changes
Male and female reproductive organs
Periods and sanitary protection
Peer pressure
Emotional changes
Relationships and friendships
‘Private Parts’ erections and wet dreams
Transition to Secondary School




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32 mins (with 'Private Parts' section of the film and 31 mins without)