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  • Abortion: Information and advice for young people
    Abortion: Information and advice for young people

    In this podcast Julia Goldsmith, from Catcher Media, talks to Kayleigh Hills, Safeguarding Matron from BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service), to discuss young people’s choices in relation to pregnancy, with medically and legally accurate, impartial information on all options, including abortion.

    The programme explores what most girls would would be thinking.

    If you have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy you can contact BPAS on 03457 30 40 30 or to make a booking for consultation for abortion treatment or to discuss all your options, including abortion treatment, adoption and becoming a parent.  BPAS is the UK’s leading abortion care service which provides local treatment which is paid for by the NHS.

    Going direct BPAS is the quickest route. You can find a clinic here:

    Scans are given onsite to ensure pregnancy alongside pregnancy tests. Sometimes pills are posted out to take at home, always followed up by BPAS. They can provide treatment under 24 weeks of pregnancy.

    Pre-treatment counselling can help with decision making process and post treatment counselling is offered for whenever the girl needs it could even be a year later.

    Contraception is key and talked about at each point in the process.

    Under 18 must have a responsible adult (18+) to be with them and to stay with them for 24 hours. But this shouldn’t become a barrier to accessing treatment. They do not need parental permission.

    Topic Areas: Abortion, contraception, continuing with pregnancy, counselling and support

  • Mental Health and Well-Being for Young People
    30 mins
    Mental Health and Well-Being for Young People

    This podcast explores young people’s mental health and well-being. Catcher Media chats to Sallyann Sutton about how young people, parents, schools and health-workers have been facing the challenges to well-being. Sallyann Sutton is the Professional Lead for School Nursing at Walsall NHS Healthcare and has worked in School Nursing for 28 years and is passionate about child and family mental health. 

    Topic Areas: Home, School, Well-being, 5 tips for well-being, Using EasySRE, Notes To Self, Advice for parents & carers

  • County Lines and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
    37 mins
    County Lines and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

    In ‘Snagged’ we tackled the thorny subject of grooming, CSE (Child Sexual exploitation), County Lines (where illegal drugs are transported from one area to another, often across police and local authority boundaries) and extremism. With an estimated 200,000+ young people ensnared in County Lines alone Julia Goldsmith, from Catcher Media, speaks to Andy Thompson about helping young people to find a way out and what schools, parents and carers can do to deal with this urgent problem. Andy is Operations Manager of Street Teams in Walsall and Managing Director of CYP First, a national training company.

    Topic Areas: County Lines, CSE, Extremism, Grooming, Whole School Approach, Helping young people, School and Parents

  • Sexual health, pregnancy & contraception advice for young people
    46 mins
    Sexual health, pregnancy & contraception advice for young people

    Julia Goldsmith, from Catcher Media, talks to Tanya and Sam (Walsall Healthcare NHS) who are both highly experienced in delivering sexual health, pregnancy and contraception services to young people. In this podcast they share a wealth of helpful information and sign-post young people to services and websites.  

    Topic Areas: Sexual Health services in Walsall, Contraception, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Consent, Sexting, Pornography, Pregnancy, Adoption and Abortion

  • EasySRE - 15 Years in The Making
    EasySRE - 15 Years in The Making

    This first podcast brings together the team behind EasySRE. Catcher Media's Rick and Julia Goldsmith; Therese Collins, arts workers and NHS commissioner Carol Williams talk about the challenges and excitement of working with young people, teachers and health workers to create films which deal with PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) subjects in sensitive and engaging ways.

    Topic Areas: Behind the scenes of Easy SRE, Participation, Young people's voices, Collaboration with health workers

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