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  • Good News About Growing Up
    Primary, Key Stage 1
    25 mins
    Good News About Growing Up

    This is a colourful and cheerful film that uses puppetry, singing and interviews with school-children to explore topic areas around KS1 RSE / SRE.

    Topic Areas: Friends, families, staying safe, growing up, being different, and what would you like to be?
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  • Help, I'm Hairy
    Primary, Key Stage 2
    32 mins (with 'Private Parts' section of the film and 31 mins without)
    Help, I'm Hairy

    Help, I’m Hairy uses narration, animation, short comic sketches, fact files, helpful advice from a health professional and Yr 6-11 students to talk to young people understand what happens physically and emotionally during puberty. This new version has completely new interviews and footage, and contains an extra section devoted to the transition to secondary school.

    Help, I'm Hairy is very popular in Walsall schools and across the UK because teachers have found it highly accessible and useful. Many schools also use it with Year 7 pupils, particularly the section on hygiene! We hope it will continue to inform and help your young people.

    Topic Areas: Body hair, body changes, male and female reproductive organs, periods and sanitary protection, hygiene, peer pressure, emotional changes, relationships and friendships, myths, ‘private parts’ (erections and wet dreams), and transition to secondary school.
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