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Tell Me More: Film and Teaching pack


Tell Me More

About this resource

Tell Me More

The film ‘Tell Me More’ supplies clear and graphic biological facts about sex and relationships for KS3 pupils. And it does it in a witty and light-hearted way using a compelling dramatic storyline interspersed with explanatory animations.



In a hectic secondary school, two bags get mixed up and a boy discovers an older girl's diary in her bag. Full of curiosity about the opposite sex, he cannot resist reading it. Meanwhile, Nancy Jones is magically released from  a sex education book she wrote in the 1940s, and becomes determined to update it for the present day. Nancy meets the boy who is on the run from the older girl and her marauding gang, becoming a willing mentor to him and other bemused pupils in the vicinity. She happily discusses all manner of SRE topics aided by diagrams from her book that come to life as animations.

Before you use this resource please read the Guidance.

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Top Tips:

Health professionals Janet Catto and Elaine Hyde suggest:

  • Keep your sense of humour and don’t be afraid to say 'that we are not dealing with this today but we will later.'
  • Consider the content of the film and relate to the group as appropriate.  You may want to consider splitting the group, for example by gender or smaller sizes, or in terms of their maturity.
  • Consider the TA support in the room, and their own confidence and familiarity with content.
  • You may want to borrow a body board which is a body outline of a male/female for a question and answer session. Or perhaps sketch your own.

Tell Me More is a Catcher Media presentation for NHS Walsall – Walsall Teenage Pregnancy Team in partnership with Education Walsall. The project was managed by Walsall Council Creative Development Team.

Secondary, Key Stage 3


Sexual intercourse and orgasms
Conception & labour
Contraception and STI's
Menstrual cycles
Sanitary protection
Erections & wet dreams
Body image
Different types of families
Love & relationships
Same sex relationships
Sexual awareness
Emotional readiness
Legal age of consent




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24 mins